Antonio Almeida

I love the sea, being born in a maritime nation. Furthermore I IoT is the technology that can disrupt an industry that has processes that go back centuries. Moving from a fragile mechanistic approach to a more biological antifragile one.

Dennis Dortland

Through the Dutch Port Community System, over 14 million messages are being channeled every year that have help the Dutch ports become paperless. But there is much more to gain! There is much more data available which needs to be shared realtime to create true smart ports. We need this to allow us to make […]

Madan Raj Rajagopal

TNO offers hackers data via API’s through Intrepid API Store every year at WPH. I manage and maintain the API store for TNO and will be helping out participants to get connected to API store and use our API’s.

André Wilmink

My organization participates in the WPH2016. The goal is to see what the added value is of our data combined with data of other organizations to give substance to the indicated or any additional challenges.

Kees Pieters

I have been engaged in WPH since the first edition in 2014. Research Centre Sustainable PortCity provided the kick-off funding for the first two editions, because we think that a hackathon is a good way to demonstrate innovative new ideas for a smart PortCity.

Marcel Damen

In 2020, everything that will benefit from being connected to the internet, will be connected. This will result in >50 Billion devices exchanging data. Once we team up in the Netherlands, we can create complete new business models for many industries “connected” to water. So let’s do so !

Zlatan Abramovic

I ‘m interested in new developments in the field of supplying, processing and exchange of B2G data in the context of the crating of an efficient co-operation. I am working as a customs officer at the Customs Administration of the Netherlands in the function as senior risk analyst. Under my responsibility fall tasks such as […]

Giel Jurgens

My goal is to create a competitive advantage for the customers of the port of Rotterdam just by being situated in Rotterdam and using the assets of our Port. I am convinced that we can achieve this goal by sharing and combining data and knowledge in an innovative way.

Dailinh Nguyen

As a data scientist for the Dutch Customs Administration, I am interested in what innovations the hackers can come up with to deal with the giant influx of data coming from our port. Insights such as mapping all ship and container movements can help us with our inspections and risk management.

Chahid Azarkan

I believe it is important for any organisation, interested in innovation, to engage people from outside the own industry. This allows for truly out of the box solutions for a challenge an organization can face. That is why I participate in the World Port Hackathon.