Disrupt the Port

Theme 3

Disrupt the Port

Disruptive innovations are hard to foresee. Putting goods in a metal box (yes, indeed: the container) changed the world dramatically. Goods can now go where they could not have gone before. 3D Printing and Internet of Things are the next step. Defining a smart road to the future requires a clear vision and a clear goal. In this theme you will be challenged to imagine this future and share it with us. What is the port of the future – is it still about transport? Are you the creative person who can convince the jury of a possible future? The World Port Hackathon; where you can imagine the future. Read the challenge below and register for the event!

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Challenge 7: Disrupt the Port – Open Data & Block Chain

New technologies in combination with global networks change the world dramatically.  “Disruption” is like the gold rush, and data is the new gold. Virtually everyone is aiming to change the game or to disrupt an industry. We challenge you to look into the potential of “a completely transparent” world. All data can be seen by everyone; and everyone will see that you have seen it!

It will require new thinking about trust. Block chain might help in this new era. Distributed trust is the core of the block chain technology. Most inefficiencies in the port could potentially be solved by leveraging the power of trust. Collaboration could hence be taken to the next level.

Could block chain technology be used for trade and distribution of energy taking the physical network boundaries into account? Could block chain technology be used for the trade of CO2 emissions? Or how would customs and the collection of taxes work in such an environment? Sketch and define the future with us!


Challenge 8: Disrupt the Port – Hackers Paradise?

We are thriving in an open world where everything is connected. The openness is the fuel for the economic developments, innovation and it takes collaboration to the next level. And yet, these benefits do not come for free.

Maybe we do not need to take a look in the far future to “disrupt the port”. It is not the disruption we are looking for, but it might be there. The big question is: are we aware of what risks ports are facing? How cyber-resilient is the port and how cyber-resilient are the port-players? or rephrased: how vulnerable is the port related to cyber-crime. What would it take to “disrupt the port”, what would you do?

The challenge on the table is what can you learn us about the vulnerabilities of the current port-eco system. What are the things we should see and be aware of … We provide you with the stage to open our eyes …