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About the World Port Hackathon

This fourth edition of the World Port Hackathon is organized in co-creation with a lot of interesting companies and organizations from the port community in Rotterdam. Furthermore, this edition will be co-created with the port authorities of Singapore and Rotterdam. During the Hackathon several teams will work on the challenges that exist in the port industry. These challenges are the outcome of several workshops with representatives of the port community. The World Port Hackathon is the place where people innovate and where new opportunities arise!


Building Concepts and Prototypes

The World Port Hackathon is a special event in the field of open data and big data. This event is supported by the significant parties in and around the port of Rotterdam. Furthermore, the education institutions in Rotterdam are closely involved. Moreover, this year we are even supported by an international port! The challenges arise from co-creation with all these partners and parties. With new technology and information, we build concepts and prototypes for a safe, sustainable, innovative, inspiring, and economically viable port of the future.


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Do you like to know everything about the latest tech trends? Do you enjoy playing with these technologies? Did the dynamics of the port catch your attention? Then you are invited to enter the World Port Hackathon 2016. The registration procedure for the World Port Hackathon is now open. Register, and join this exciting event!

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Impression of the World Port Hackathon 2014