About the hackathon

The Hackathon Event – WPH2016

This Hackathon is organized in co-creation with a lot of interesting companies and organizations from the port community in Rotterdam, and this year even with an international port! MPA Singapore is an important co-creation partner for the WPH2016. The challenges of the WPH2016 are the outcome of several workshops with representatives of the port community. You are invited to hack these challenges, innovate the port and co-create the port of the future with us!


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Data & Technology

The World Port Hackathon mainly revolves around open data, big data, and technology. During the Hackathon you can use a wide range of datasets, which are provided by different stakeholders. How can you connect this data with the right devices and applications? To get inspired, intriguing technologies will be available for you to play with and to make the Internet of Things tangible. On top of that, there will be experts present who can teach you more about the dynamic activities in the port.


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What can you win?

Innovation will take place at the World Port Hackathon 2016. The teams with the most promising ideas and solutions will get on stage in front of a diverse audience that, amongst others, consists of important port community members and even several potential customers! Furthermore, the World Port Hackathon is an unforgettable experience where you will meet new people, learn new things, expand your network, and strengthen your CV. Last but not least, we have some cash to award. Hence, do not wait any longer and register today!


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