World Port Hackathon 2016

Let’s co-create the port of the future

WHEN 2-3 September Start 15:00h
WHERE RDM Rotterdam Rotterdam

The 4th World Port Hackathon has finished!

We can look back on an outstanding 4th edition of the World Port Hackathon; it was a great success! During twenty-four hours, 100 hackers took on the challenges from the port of Rotterdam and the port of Singapore. Throughout the World Port Hackathon, the hackers experienced active participation from the port community and there were also many visitors during the Expo and the Grand Finale.

We proudly announce the winners of the World Port Hackathon 2016:

The Overall Best WPH Idea (€1.500): Team De Delftse Delegatie
Blockchain for Customs: The solution of De Delftse Delegatie uses blockchain technology to detect potential fraudulent actions in the supply chain. In particular, customs can detect and validate where in the supply chain is intervened to, for example, change the contents of a container. If implemented properly, shippers and other participants will not be held accountable for fraudulent actions they did not commit.

The Most Innovative and Disruptive WPH Idea (€500): Team ForTheBrave Airbnb for Berths: The idea of team ForTheBrave stems from the constrained capacity of berths in the port. Their solution therefore provides a marketplace where terminals can publish available berths at their premises and thereby give other ships the possibility to use their unused capacity. This idea not only increases the available/used capacity in the port, but also helps to save emissions by reducing unnecessary movements of ships.

Smart Port Prize (€1.000, Coaching & Support): Team Senfal Optimized Energy in the Port: The idea of team Senfal revolves around providing shore power to large (cruise)ships by implementing a smart grid solution; thereby avoiding costly investments to facilitate peaks by providing cleaner power to incoming ships. This idea looks promising and therefore Smart Port will support team Senfal to take the next steps in developing their idea.

Port Innovation Lab - LaunchLab: Team Appsilon Port Sensors and Data: Team Appsilon focused on the smartest decisions that should be taken, when considering the information conveyed in sensor data. In particular, smart algorithms are trained based on the available sensor data and the subsequent decisions that are made. Once trained, the algorithms can be used to monitor (the execution of) the processes in the port.

Port Innovation Lab - Discovery Day: Team imPORTant Port Optimization: Team imPORTant has developed a variable supply/demand matching algorithm so as to proactively model activities in the port. Based on these models, it will be possible to differentiate price structures, for example by incentivising top port performers and further enlarge the port’s activities together with the best partners.

Port Innovation Lab - Discovery Day: Team OBILytics From CO2 Emissions to the Greenest Port: Team OBILytics’ idea concerns peer-to-peer information sharing regarding CO2 emissions. In particular, the shared emission information will be accurate and real-time, thereby providing insights to customers to select the greenest port. This mechanism may potentially allow for an exchange system among ports in the future.

World Port Hackathon 2016
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The 2016 World Port Hackathon edition focuses on 3 themes

Theme 1

Infrastructure & Logistics

“Effective use of infrastructure is key. A lot of time is wasted due to underutilisation of the available infrastructure and a lack of coordination between stakeholders. Nearly half of what we transport in the port is air and 25% of the container transport costs is due to paperwork. We challenge you to solve this problem and come up with innovative solutions!”

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Theme 1

Energy & Climate

“New perspectives and innovation are key for the climate and energy challenges. Reduce, re-use and recycle. Big Data, Open Data and the IoT help in this transition. We need to collaborate for a better climate! Do you have genius ideas to provide smart solutions in this area?”

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Theme 1

Disrupt the Port

"Disruptive innovations are hard to foresee. Have a look at containers. Goods can now go where they could not have gone before. What is the port of the future; is it still about transport? Are you the one who likes to think creatively about what the future will bring? The World Port Hackathon; where you can imagine the future of the port industry."

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About the World Port Hackathon

Data & Technology

The World Port Hackathon mainly revolves around open data, big data, and technology. During the Hackathon you can use a wide range of datasets, which are provided by different stakeholders. How can you connect this data with the right devices and applications? To get inspired, intriguing technologies will be available for you to play with and to make the Internet of Things tangible. On top of that, there will be experts present who can teach you more about the dynamic activities in the port.

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The World Port Hackathon Event - WPH2016

This Hackathon is organized in co-creation with a lot of interesting companies and organizations from the port community in Rotterdam, and this year even with an international port! MPA Singapore is an important co-creation partner for the WPH2016. The challenges of the WPH2016 are the outcome of several workshops with representatives of the port community. You are invited to hack these challenges, innovate the port and co-create the port of the future with us!

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What can you win?

Innovation will take place at the World Port Hackathon 2016. The teams with the most promising ideas and solutions will get on stage in front of a diverse audience that, amongst others, consists of important port community members and even several potential customers! Furthermore, the World Port Hackathon is an unforgettable experience where you will meet new people, learn new things, expand your network, and strengthen your CV. Last but not least, we have some cash to award. Hence, do not wait any longer and register today!

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