Logistics & Connectivity

“The Port of Rotterdam has several challenges. The biggest: making transport more transparant. This means that we connect information about means of transport with the way they are being used. What is the current location? Which destination? How much cargo? The gain is when this information is connected to a planning and made visual.”
– Roy van den Berg

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“The interest of innovation in the Port of Rotterdam is that we handle the available information smarter, better and more. Wether it is a ship or a truck, we have to make sure the entire proces between departure and arrival happens smooth and efficient.”
– Harmen van Dorsser

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Safety & Security

“The Port of Rotterdam is a safe port. We don’t only mean in the regards of digital safety and control, but also the security of the terrains. Innovation is very important to us. We cherish what we already have and we are continuously on the lookout for what can be improved. The Port has a lot of stakeholders involved, therefore our question is: how can we improve cooperation? “
– Nadine Vos

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