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About the Hackathon
This Hackathon is organised in cocreation with companies and organisation of the Port of Rotterdam and the logistic industry. The challenges are a product of workshops with stakeholders and participants, especially the Port Innovation Lab and Yes Delft. The Hackathon is organised by PlaySpace under the name of HavenLab. The place where people work on innovation en new way to work in a durable manor.


Building Concepts and Prototypes
The World Port Hackathon is a special event in the field of open data and big data and is supported by all the significant parties in and around the port: companies in the logistics sector, ECT, Portbase, the Port of Rotterdam, Deltalinqs, RDM Campus and SmartPort and so on. Furthermore, the education institutions in Rotterdam are closely involved. The challenges arise from co-creation with all the partners. With new technology and information, we build concepts and prototypes for a safe, sustainable, innovative, inspiring and economically viable port in Rotterdam.


Join in and register now!
Are you nuts about or do you know everything there is to know about Big Data, the Internet of Things, Open Data, Apps, Sensors, AIS, Augmented Reality, Innovation, Concepting, Design Thinking, Game Storming, Design Fiction or Gamification? Then you must enter the 3rd World Port Hackathon. Register now!


Impression of the World Port Hackathon 2014